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Laura Ghita

Hello ! I'm Laura Ghita

Psychological counseling helps to optimize and develop your personal self-knowledge, develop new skills, resolve problems in a structured way, prevent and correct any emotional and behavioral problems.
I am willing to offer a complete service.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything much better than negative thinking will.”

My name is Laura Ghita and I have been a full-time professional Psychotherapist since 2001. I am currently registered as a Senior Practitioner on the Psychotherapy Register. Since launching a private practice in Abu Dhabi I have personally helped hundreds of people from all over the country.
Being a psychotherapist is great. Most customers are new to this subject and don’t know how much – or how fast – psychotherapy can help them. Whenever possible, I will get rid of their problem in just one session. This naturally amazes people, especially if they have had the problem for many years. Some problems might take longer to eliminate but the only way to find out is to start!
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Family Constellations

A key component of traditional family is happiness. Achieving this sometimes it's not so easy when there are tensions between us. We can change this ! 


One of the oldest techniques that helps when the classic medicine can't do. This involves one to one sessions, on a short or long periods.

Art Therapy

Sometimes we live in stress, in a busy city, at a busy office. On a daily basis this routine can negatively affect us. Let me take you through the Art Therapy's techniques.

Hypnosis, a state of focused relaxation

During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration. The person can concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out sources of distraction.

Weight loss

See how we can help you change your eating habits.

Smoking Cessation

Quit smoking permanently with our hypnotherapy services.


Get help for PTSD with our hypnotherapy services.

Anxiety & Worry

Stop procrastinating and boost self-confidence today.

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My name is Laura Ghita

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